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Simply order online and have your fresh milk delivered right to your office door.

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Check our range of Lactalis dairy products, and products from Harvey Fresh juices, Marathon, Patties Pies and more.

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Australia’s leading dairy company

We are a national dairy company with a long and proud history in Australia, a history that commenced with the opening of the Pauls milk factory on the banks of the Brisbane River back in the 1930s…

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Harvey Fresh Juices

A lot has changed since Joe Sorgiovanni planted the first Valencia orange tree in our home in Harvey in 1927, but we’ve remained focused on one thing – creating honest-to-goodness produce that tastes as good as it can. It’s that simple…

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Irresitable Comfort Food

In 1966, after working at their local bakery, Peter and Annie Rijs bought a small cake shop named Patties in Lakes Entrance, Victoria. Wanting to offer their customers more than just sweet treats, they introduced freshly baked bread rolls and delicious hot pies to the menu…

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Taste the difference

From humble beginning in “auntie’s kitchen” to Australia’s largest manufacturer of Dim Sims and Spring Rolls, 50 years on, Marathon Foods continues to produce a great tasting range of products made from fresh ingredients, snap frozen to preserve the quality you have grown to expect.

HINBRO Company Profile

In a quiet little Australian suburb called Spotswood, situated west of Melbourne, brothers Patrick and Peter Hinds grew up with four brothers and three sisters. Back then, Patrick was a boilermaker-welder and Peter, a handy panel beater.

Their journey into the dairy business began in the mid 1980’s when they helped a local friend with his milk deliveries, primarily to earn extra money during the holidays. Then in the early months of 1988, their employer offered Patrick and Peter the opportunity to purchase the delivery run they had been accustomed to which included a milk truck and a list of customers.

Both brothers accepted the offer and registered the company name, “Hinbro Pty Ltd” in August 1988 to commence trading as Hinbro Milk. In 1990, Hinbro Milk then began a series of talks with Ideal Dairies. The Brothers then made the decision to become independent distributors . This improved the service and profitability of the business which also enabled Hinbro opportunities to provide a broader product range, and be more competitive and in control when facing bid and tender opportunities.

This business formula created an environment for growth and success which had now grown to three trucks and two extra employees. This move also provided a strong customer service focus to their ever growing list of new clientele. However, Patrick decided to follow other opportunities leaving Peter to take over the business as the sole director.

Patrick has since returned to the business and heads up our inward goods processing, warehousing and also carries out administrative duties.

Hinbro supports the local community by employing locals and contributing to local sports clubs through sponsorship arrangements 

HACCP Certification

HACCP Australia is a leading food science organisation specialising in the HACCP Food Safety Methodology and its applications within the food and related non food industries”

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